I’m a Karlsruhe based hacker, working in research and development at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. I’m a unicyclist, FreeBSD hacker, metal head with a fondness for 8-bit µCs.

Long Version

If you want to meet me, it’s a good idea to contact me and meet at a chaos event. I usually attend the GPN in Karlsruhe and the Chaos Communication Congress.

I’m willing to travel to other hacker conferences, too.

If you just want to stalk me online it is best to follow me on mastodon (@kamikaze@chaos.social) or twitter (@lonkamikaze, @lonkamikaze_en). You can also follow me on GitHub.


Since 2005 I am using FreeBSD and am an active member of the German BSD community. I’m also an active FreeBSD Ports maintainer and committer and have spoken at EuroBSDcon. I slipped into all these things just by trying to fix issues I stumbled over.

My latest project resulting from this is powerd++, my very own CPU clock daemon. Born from my frustration with laptop fan noise it’s gotten a tad overengineered.

Race Cars

In 2010 I joined High Speed Karlsruhe, an FSAE racing team. I was the head of electronics development for all race cars built for the seasons 2011 and 2012. I.e. the F-105, E-105 and F-106. In my time we established the electronics platform the team is still building upon today.

After my involvement ended I published the reusable portions of code, the hsk-libs framework for the Infineon XC878 microcontroller.

Type Systems

In 2015, I developed a type system as part of a simulation project. The system validates and converts physical units at compile time. The system is implemented as a metaprogramming library for C++11.

Because I developed a whitepaper and a workshop around the system I put it on GitHub, the repository is simply called units.

I’ve got some nice ideas, for a more versatile system. The practical parts of which I would like to base on C++17. But the real challenge is the theoretical body, there is enough work to do here for a PHD thesis. So if you want to see this happen enough to sponsor it and have a supervisor for a (PHD or Dr. rer. nat.) handy, contact me!


I’m riding unicycles since 1997. I have a collection of unicycles for different purposes. The one I ride most is a 36” unicycle, which I use almost daily.

I love other physical activities like climbing, swimming, martial arts or dancing. These activities had to step behind my professional life, but I stuck with the unicycle, because I can always do it, no matter when, no matter where.