Project Docs Rollout

I have started rolling out project documentation on GitHub Pages. This far for the powerd++ and the hsk-libs project. The documentation is generated using Doxygen. For the time being I am not currently planning on covering more projects, at least until I make a significant release.

In the process of making that happen I created gh-pages orphan branches in the respective projects, pushed them to GitHub and imported them into master as a submodule. Then I fixed up the Makefiles to build the documentation and put it into the submodule path, so that I only have to do add, commit and push inside the submodule to publish. I didn’t want to automate this last step, I want to be able to git diff before I go ahead.

So far I’ve been trying to keep everything in hsk-libs buildable with gmake, but in favour of compressing the code a lot, I threw that possibility away, at least for the docs.


The powerd++ daemon is a CPU clock control daemon for FreeBSD:


The hsk-libs project is an ECU development library for the Infineon XC878 microcontroller, dating back to my time with High Speed Karlsruhe: