Reproducing Loads for EuroBSDcon

On Sunday the 25th of September I will talk about powerd++ at the EuroBSDcon 2016. I have already provided plenty of materials about how and why I think powerd++ is better than powerd. But on the conference I want to do the proper thing and provide reproducible measurements and metrics to quantify what better actually means.

To that end I have just pushed a load recorder into the repository. It creates a record of the relevant sysctls over a given time period. If you want to play with it, fetch the repo, run make and make sure to read the manual page:

man ./loadrec.1 | less -r

Open the loadrec(1) manual from the repository snapshot.

You can run it right out of the build directory.

Of course recording loads is only half of the business, the other half is reproducing them. My personal deadline to get there is ten days.