Race to the Finish Line

All articles from and before 2015 have been moved over and converted to the new format, now. Some of them have been improved significantly on the way.

Markdown-like syntax has taken the world by storm and I have to say it’s convenient to stick to a text/plain format most of the time and still be able to drop in HTML where necessary. Of course I could have just taken the HTML code from the old blog without changing anything and just written new stuff in markdown. But I wanted to commit to the new format all the way.

Some of the posts from 2015 feature a screenshot, just to spice things up when posting links on other platform. For some reason anything accompanied by a picture seems to get a lot more attention than anything without. I’ve seen high quality postings barely getting any attention next to clickbait drowning in comments and approval.

These clickbait articles usually get a handful of comments pointing out that this is clickbait and reading it should be considered harmful or in the best case useless. These comments are usually met with “not everyone is a pro”, disregarding the points about the material being misleading or proposing dangerous practices.

This blog comes without any tracking or a comment function, so I’m no longer seduced into attracting the larger audience. All graphics not directly serving an article have been stripped during the move.

The audience I really want to attract are people who can teach me something.