On The Move

The transfer from my Blogger page is in progress. Because I’m manually converting content from HTML to markdown, it takes its time. I haven’t gotten far, but I updated the article on suspend/resume with with full disk encryption.

I’ve split the articles into news and journal entries, and the old articles only contain one post that counts as news. News really are just everything that I don’t deem worthy of the term article.

The page design isn’t finished either. I left some space in the left and right that is supposed to be filled with meta content. But I’ll leave that to last. This stuff is optional any way — as space for the page gets more narrow, the side bars disappear and the header gets more compact.

This is mostly for the sake of mobile devices. I’ve had weird effects on Android/Chrome where portrait mode was weird. Fonts were mixed small and large and the CSS thought it had more space than it actually did. Firefox on Android just pretended that portrait mode was the same width as landscape mode and displayed everything unbearably tiny. Some googling of the issue revealed that there is a meta tag that makes browsers not lie about that stuff:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

Make mobile browsers do the right thing.

And suddenly things started working the way I expected. Hurray!